TP7 Vernetzte Vulnerable Road Users

Connected Vulnerable
Road Users

Key Question

How can particularly vulnerable road users participate more safely in road traffic without protection and crumple zones?

How can this be achieved?

In order to reach the destination safely, vulnerable road users (VRU), such as pedestrians, cyclists and scooter drivers, will be protected by a networked traffic infrastructure.

Starting Point

Increasing traffic density, especially in cities, increases the dangers for all road users. The associated and increased risks of injury for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) must be countered by targeted measures.


One of these measures is the networking between VRUs and other road users such as vehicles, as well as traffic infrastructures such as traffic lights. One function implemented in RealLab provides collision warnings and includes a traffic light phase assistant. These applications have been implemented in smartphones, but also integrally in passenger cars. Their use increases the road safety of bicycles and scooters and improves the traffic flow for all road users. The project partners will test this networking in Hamburg in summer 2021.


Coordination of the overall system and all interfaces.
Implementation of the overall system and all interfaces.
Presentation at the ITS World Congress in October 2021 with measurement and test results of the tested networking.
September 2020
April 2021
October 2021


Road users at particular risk receive a digital warning via their smartphone in dangerous situations or locations. Uniform interfaces and precise localization of the VRUs are of central importance for this. In addition, the information provided by the traffic lights will optimize route planning so that users can reach their destination more safely and quickly.

The Team

Andreas Greisser

Project manager Vehicle integration BMW

Ronald Hain

Growth Field Leiter Connected Solutions and Services Continental

Dr. Ilja Radusch

Head of Department Smart Mobility Fraunhofer-Institut FOKUS

Peter Christ

Project manager Digital Solution T-Systems

Project Partner