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Service Design
and Simulation

Key Question

What are the transport and environmental impacts of the technologies demonstrated in the RealLabHH? How can these be transferred to other cities?


The aim of this sub-project is to investigate the developed concepts and technologies with the help of quantitative methods. Concrete traffic and environmental impacts are to be shown, from which recommendations for action can be derived. This is done by the creation of a spatially and temporally highly resolved, multimodal transport model for the greater Hamburg area.


As a methodical cross-sectional project, the sub-project is responsible for ensuring that the solutions developed can be put into practice as a comprehensive sustainable mobility offer in different living spaces (large cities, suburbs, smaller towns) and that the RealLabHH thus leads to a sustainable change in mobility habits towards CO2-neutral  mobility.

Zwischenergebnis Simulation – Reallabor Hamburg
Interim Result


What are the system-wide, potential transport and environmental impacts the concepts and technologies developed in the RealLabHH? This question will be investigated by quantitative traffic simulation methods. Further goals are small-scale studies on some of the individual sub-projects, the communication with cyclists and pedestrians (VRU), among other things with the help of a bicycle simulator, and the development of a dashboard to visualise the results.


Roughly Calibrated Traffic Model
Completion of the roughly calibrated traffic model for the greater Hamburg area.
Fine Calibrated Traffic Model
Completion of the fine-calibrated traffic model for the greater Hamburg area.
Simulation Experiments
Simulation experiments for new mobility concepts completed.
Recommendations for Action
Studies of traffic and environmental impacts completed; recommendations for action formulated.
December, 2020
March, 2021
October, 2021
December, 2021

The Team

Tanja Niels

Research assistant TU München

Service Design and Simulation

Laura Bieker

Research assistant DLR-TS

Dr. Ihab Kaddoura

Research assistant TU Berlin

Service Design and Simulation

Daniel Krajzewicz

Head of Department DLR-VF

Prof. Dr. Chris Schlueter Langdon

Business Development Executive T-Systems

Patrick Malcolm

Research assistant TU München

Zhuoxiao Meng

Research assistant TU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Kai Nagel

Head of Department TU Berlin

Service Design and Simulation

Dr. Carina Thaller

Research assistant DLR-VF

Prof. Dr. Peter Wagner

Research assistant DLR-TS

Project Partner