Autonomes Fahren – Reallabor Hamburg

in Rural Areas

Key Question

How can on-demand shuttles in rural areas help residents to reduce the use of their own cars and still meet their mobility needs?


Improving the rural accessibility through on-demand shuttle services and reducing motorized individual transport.

Starting Point

The plan is to supplement local public transport with a need-based on-demand service in rural areas for commuter, supply and leisure transport in order to maintain and further strengthen the attractiveness of the chosen rural areas for living and working. The users are given an alternative form of mobility. This makes their lives easier, increases the attractiveness of the region and improves connections to and from Hamburg, which has a direct impact on the economic strength.


In the district of Stormarn, the city of Ahrensburg as well as in the district of Harburg, the rural southern Elbe region, three shuttle services have been launched to complement local public transport. In addition to environmental aspects, commuter flows and mobility behaviour in the communities and the city were evaluated. The service will initially run until the end of 2021. The shuttle service is integrated into the HVV tariff and comes with a convenience surcharge of one euro per trip. The rides can be booked via an app or by telephone. Passengers enter their starting point and destination and receive the shuttle’s departure and arrival times directly. The passenger can follow the vehicle and the exact pick-up time live in the app. In the Stormarn district and the city of Ahrensburg, electric shuttles are used for six passengers, while in the Harburg district, Mercedes Sprinter buses with combustion engines and eight seats are used. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

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On-Demand Verkehr Ahrensburg/ioki Hamburg/Ahrensburg


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Composition of partners
Brief description: The fulfilment of the goals depends on the partners. For this, the definition of the target area is just as crucial as the current mobility offer and the political support. This requires partners from different sectors such as the district, transport companies and mobility experts.
Mobility analysis
ioki undertook mobility analyses for the test regions. The studies of commuter flows and mobility behaviour showed: The greatest potential for a flexible offer on demand is in the city of Winsen in the district of Harburg and the municipalities of Brunsbek/Lütjensee/Trittau in the district of Stormarn.
Project setup
An app application is being developed and implemented for both test areas. This will provide users with departure and arrival times for the shuttle. On the way, passengers with similar destinations can hop on. Ridepooling enables optimal utilization of vehicle capacity and reduces the burden on roads and the environment.
Start of Service
On December 13, 2020, Shuttle-On-Demand service was launched in both service areas. Anyone who wants to use a shuttle can request the service via an app on their smartphone. In addition to an HVV ticket, the cost per person and trip is one euro.
April 2020
August und November 2020
September to November 2020
December 2020

Das Team

  • Landkreis Harburg: Planung und Einführung des Shuttle Verkehrs
  • Kreis Stormarn: Planung und Einführung des Shuttle Verkehrs
  • ioki GmbH: Planung und Durchführung der Mobilitätsanalyse – Bereitstellung der On-Demand-Plattform
  • TUHH: Technische Universität Hamburg – Projektevaluation
  • VHH: Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg Holstein – Betrieb des Shuttle Verkehrs im Kreis Stormarn
  • KVG Stade: Betrieb des Shuttle Verkehrs in der Süderelbe-Region
  • Süderelbe AG: Projektkoordination und –kommunikation
  • Stadt Ahrensburg

Project Partner