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Mobility Platform

Key Question​

Do people use more climate-friendly mobility offers if they are available bundled in one app?

How can this be achieved?​

With an app where you can book everything easily: Whether public transport, ridesharing, carsharing or e-scooter sharing. hvv switch bundles the available mobility services in Hamburg to provide users with simple, fast and uncomplicated access to shared mobility.

Starting Point

In recent years, the range of mobility options has become more diverse, especially in urban areas. For users, this results in a great lack of clarity regarding possible means of transportation and their booking apps. The solution is therefore the deep integration of different mobility offers into a single platform: hvv switch. Users can book, use and pay for all integrated mobility services via hvv switch. The simple and intuitive use of the hvv switch app now makes efficient, safe and environmentally friendly shared mobility in Hamburg even more attractive. 


An app that provides all services from a single source and thus simplifies mobility – hvv switch has been offering just that since summer 2020, bundling various mobility services in the city into one app. Whether public transport, ridesharing, carsharing or e-scooters – all available within a single, fully networked mobility app.

The key benefits of the hvv switch app are:

  • Hvv tickets and other mobility services in just one app
  • Combination of different providers and the entire Hamburg public transport system
  • Secure payment via PayPal
  • Direct purchase of the most important HVV tickets
  • Only one customer account for all services

More at: hvv-switch.de/en/


Launch of the hvv switch app
Tickets for the HVV can be purchased and MOIA trips can be booked via the app, payment is made via PayPal.
Linking Google Maps and hvv switch app
Ticket purchase for the HVV is possible directly from Google Maps navigation via the hvv switch app.
Integration of SIXT share
Vehicles from SIXT share can be booked and billed directly via the hvv switch app.
Launch of the mobility budget
Piloting of the employer-financed mobility budget, which can be used via the hvv switch app.
Integration of MILES Mobility and TIER
MILES vehicles and TIER e-scooters can be booked and billed directly via the hvv switch app.
June 2020
November 2020
May 2021
September 2021
October 2021

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