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Mobility Budget

Key Question

Can an employer-provided budget change employee mobility behavior?

How can this be achieved?

“Mobility budget instead of company car” – true to this motto, companies provide their employees with an individual mobility budget. The users can thus choose freely between all means of transport and use the budget for both business and private purposes.

Starting Point

Innovative and sustainable mobility offers for companies are an important starting point for implementing the traffic turnaround. After all, 54 percent of journeys to work are made by private car in Hamburg.

In urban areas in particular, however, there is a wide range of different mobility options. So far, however, they have been used primarily in a private context. The mobility budget is intended to change that.

In contrast to the classic offers of a job ticket or company car, such a budget enables the free selection of the means of transport. In this way, employers actively support the switch to environmentally friendly means of transportation through a monthly mobility budget.


Companies provide employees with an individual monthly mobility budget in the “hvv-m” app. Employees can choose freely between public transport, long-distance transport, StadtRad and sharing services. The budget can be used for both business and private trips.

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Scientific Monitoring

How does this change mobility behavior? To answer this question, the project is being monitored scientifically. It will also be examined whether a mobility budget is accepted as a reliable alternative to the use of a company car or a private car. The results will be presented at the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg.


The results of the scientific monitoring should provide information on whether the mobility budget is helpful in switching from motorized individual transport to more environmentally friendly means of transport. In addition, networking with other subprojects of the Reallabor Hamburg, such as the hvv switch app, could further simplify access to public transportation.


Provision of the App
The mobility budget app hvv-m is provided and offers employees uncomplicated information, booking and billing of various mobility offers.
Implementation of the Accompanying Study
Participating Hamburg companies and their employees are surveyed about their mobility behavior before, during and after using hvv-m.
Active Use of the App by Participating Companies.
During a 6-month period, employees test how hvv-m assists them in their daily mobility needs.
Presentation of Results at the ITS World Congress
The main findings of the accompanying study on the mobility budget will be presented at the ITS World Congress 2021.
September, 2020
From March, 2021
From April, 2021
October, 2021
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The Team

David Hoffmann

Project manager, Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Alessa Schmidt

Sub-project management, S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH

Linda Döler-Brede

Project management, Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Jacqueline Rennert

Sub-project management, Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH

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