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Digital St.
Andrew's Cross

Key Question

Can digitalization make level crossings safer and also ensure a better flow of information?

How can this be achieved?

The level crossing digitally sends up-to-date information about upcoming waiting times or the end of a train’s passage to nearby smartphones and navigation systems. This enables road users to travel with greater foresight

Starting Point

The digitization of level crossings and the information available as a result help to make the infrastructure smarter and thus increase road safety. This is done, for example, by providing information in the car or on the smartphone that a level crossing is on the route and how long it will remain closed.


Two rail crossings in Hamburg were selected for the project:

  • A technically secured rail crossing in Sieversstücken.
  • A non-technically secured rail crossing in the harbour area (grain terminal).

The level crossing and road users will be networked with each other using radio technologies. The digital St. Andrew’s cross and a radio system for transmitting data to the mobile network will be installed at both level crossings.


Start of the communication test
First integration test with all parties involved. Test of communication from the level crossing to the infotainment system in the car.
First test on site in Hamburg
Test under real conditions after setting up the required infrastructure.
Dress rehearsal
Final test under real conditions with all components and participants, ready for demonstration. The demonstration equipment is also tested.
Presentation of the project results.
February 2021
April 2021
August 2021
October 2021


The aim of the project is to digitize level crossings. In addition, legal framework conditions for the application of such systems in practice must be clarified.

In a further step, the implementation of intermodal communication (train-to-car, train-to-digital terminal) is also to be carried out.

By using open source technology, the use of the technology in future projects can be easily realized. For this purpose, a network and the cooperation of industry and science are aimed at.

Das Team

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