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Dialogue Strategy

Key Question

How do we have to shape a dialog process in order to find a socially accepted mobility system for the Hamburg of tomorrow?

How can this be achieved?

Tomorrow’s mobility needs people who are already moving it forward today. That’s why we’re asking you to get involved and find out what’s already working and what we can do even better in the future. There are regular online surveys and the ZuHörMobil is on the road.

Starting Point

In research and practice, the key is to involve all stakeholders in social transformation processes. Only in this way will changes be accepted and endure in the long term.

To this end, the needs of these important groups are being investigated in Hamburg:

  • Citizens:Their behavior and preferences are incorporated into the design of new mobility systems. They ensure that new solutions are put on the road, that they are in demand and that they remain in use over the long term.
  • Local governments and economic players: They take up the ideas and wishes of citizens and implement them. In this way, they further develop mobility offerings and advance the transformation of transportation.


The dialog strategy comprises three central elements: experience, design and test.

  • The stakeholders can experience new mobility solutions in digital mobility workshops. There, they can immerse themselves in mobility innovations in user stories and with haptic elements. Methods such as online “co-creation” are being further developed for this purpose.
  • In digital mobility workshops, citizens – and thus users – can design promising mobility solutions tailored to their target groups. They collect ideas that are then taken up and further developed by experts from politics and business. The ZuHörMobil, for example, is on the road to collect ideas, wishes and suggestions on site.
  • After all, citizens can already try out innovative means of transportation and get excited about digital and sustainable mobility.


Mobility workshops with citizens
The mobility workshops aim to collect user wishes and requirements for the mobility of the future, as well as to explore the online participation concept itself. Citizens of different age groups (from pupils to senior citizens) are invited to participate in the workshops.
Mobility workshops with decision makers
Together with relevant stakeholders and communal decision makers, methods are developed and tested that strengthen the cooperation between stakeholder groups and consider the needs of citizens when designing and implementing strategies enhancing sustainable mobility.
Start of online participation
Through the four online participation formats, citizens can also contribute and participate digitally in the Reallabor. In this way, ideas, attitudes and experiences of the citizens are transmitted to the researchers and their individual projects in the Reallabor Hamburg.
On the road in Hamburg with the ZuHörMobil
The ZuHörMobil is on the road in several stages in Hamburg to exchange ideas with citizens about the mobility of the future. In the ZuHörMobil, new mobility solutions are presented interactively and discussed in dialog with citizens.
December, 2020
April, 2021
April, 2021
August, 2021


With the help of applied participation methods, we explore how novel mobility solutions can be developed in close cooperation with citizens. In doing so, we systematically record the needs and wishes and derive the requirements for contemporary mobility offers: This is an important basis for decision-makers in administration, business and society.

The result of the participation research is, on the one hand, a participation method box: Tools are developed that make mobility offers digitally experienceable and enable joint solution developments.

On the other hand, the project creates a deeper understanding of user visions of future mobility. These target visions are communicated to municipal transport developers, as well as to industry players and mobility service providers, and to scientific participation research.

Online participation

Our four participation modules are online and you can easily participate by:

  • voting every two weeks on a new thesis on mobility of the future.
  • sending us your mobility-related headline from the Hamburg newspaper in the year 2035.
  • Associations with specific mobility technologies.
  • sending us your ideas for solving real mobility challenges.

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Our ZuHörMobil was on the road! The minibus stopped at various locations in Hamburg. Where exactly, you can find out here

Let’s shape the mobility of tomorrow together. Every week new!

The Team

Dr. Mandy Dotzauer

Head TP9

Dr. Alexandra Bensler

Responsible for mobility workshops

Kristina Goos

Responsible for the ZuHörMobil

Swetlana Rahn

Responsible for audiovisual communication

Project Partner