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Die City of Hamburg as a Real Laboratory

1. What is the Reallab Hamburg?

As part of the German government’s “National Platform for Mobility,” a wide variety of experts sit together on the topic of new mobility, and the idea came relatively quickly that it should not just be about theoretical information, but also about practical testing using real projects in a real city and in a real environment. And on this basis, the Reallabor Hamburg was created, with over 30 partners, many projects, and a simulation level to gain practical insights.

2. How can citizens be part of the Reallab Hamburg?

There will be a wide variety of formats on the individual projects that deal both with how things are accepted. Keyword here: “Autonomous driving. This triggers a wide variety of sensitivities, fears and expectations. And there will also be formats for designing a new mobility system. And this will take place both in real form and on digital channels.

3. What exactly will be explored?

There are 8 sub-projects in total. Mobility platform, mobility budget is a big focus. Then autonomous driving and new forms of mobility. “On-demand shuttles” also outside the city center. And it’s about the digitalization of the infrastructure. And the new thing here, above all, in addition to the individual projects, is the simulation level, in order to then simulate the findings from Hamburg in today’s year 2021 to a system in 2030, both in Hamburg and at the federal level, and to make the findings fruitful.

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Reallabor Hamburg

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